Stemming from opposite sides of the country, Guitarists Trey Swain and Krys Escobar were brought together through winning a nationwide Guitar Center contest held by Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold. Shortly after meeting in California, they fully dedicated to creating a hybrid style of rock/metal by moving to Music City. After finding drummer Brian Stinnett, bassist Tim Bonanno, and vocalist Chris Huff, Archeons was formed.

Archeons was brought together by a shared passion for heavy and melodic music, composed of high energy, technical and alluring riffs, and harmonies reminiscent of classic rock. The members live and breathe music together, taking influence from rap, orchestra, classic rock, and the modern metal they love.

Looking to further their careers with like minded musicians, Trey and Krys moved to Nashville April 1st of 2016. Around the same time, the other members, Brian Stinnett, Tim Bonanno and Chris Huff moved to Nashville to pursue their passion.

The first member to join the fray was Brian. After their first practice together, Trey and Krys knew they found their ideal drummer. Brian added the perfect amount of technicality while retaining professionalism to allow the songs to shine.

A few months later, Archeons met their bassist Tim who could keep up with the guitarist’s rhythm section and added in bass lines reminiscent of classic rock and metal.

After a long wait, searching high and low for a vocalist to fulfill their vision, Archeons was introduced to Huff. His combination of modern metal vocals with classic harmony influence, deep lyrics and compelling melodies struck a chord within the band and the full line up was complete.

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Tim Bonanno
Brian Stinnett
Chris Huff
Trey Swain
Krys Escobar

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